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Murano Lab 1291 is the latest offering from Voltolina, brand leaders in the luxury lighting sector. Consisting of a glass studio with a team of highly-experienced glass masters producing custom lighting, their flexibility of design, dimensions and colours ensures a virtually infinite number of interpretations. With a workshop dedicated to custom commissions, even the most demanding projects can be accomplished. Murano Lab 1291 is synonymous with both quality and tradition, beginning with the number: 1291 is not just a number, but also evidence of the genuine Venetian roots of the Voltolina brand. 1291 is the date when the glass furnaces were transferred form Venice to Murano, in order to minimise the danger of fire to Venice, and now, as then, the glass products made by Murano 1291 are entirely made by hand, blown and worked by Muranesi glass masters, in partnership with designers, amongst whom are Lenarda and Rasmussen, who have already worked with the Voltolina brand for many years. "To be able to surround ourselves with completely hand-made products, and always in pursuit of an ever higher standard of production" – says Andrea Voltolina, managing director of the company – "is a sign of unrivalled quality, allowing our customers to enjoy a fantastic, positive experience within their homes". All this represents luxury, in the face of the current economic difficulties and recession, offering the individual a personal statement of comfort and quality. Murano Lab 1291 allow the client to choose the dimensions and the colour of the chandelier, trusting the skills of the Murano glass masters, who base their work on experience passed down through generations of glass blowers.

 Medusa  Jacaranda  Onda
voltolina_medusa voltolina_jacaranda voltolina_onda
 Rialto  Iris  Nuvola
voltolina_rialto voltolina_iris voltolina_nuvola




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