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The company Light design, Ltd. is focusing on the lighting techniques. It provides the package of services and deliveries in the lighting techniques; consulting, designs, processing and its maintenance.

The company Light design, Ltd. Is supplier of lights, light accessories and electroinstalation in retail and wholesale business, as well. We provide the lights or the lighting complex for the interior as well as for the exterior.Our customers are not just individuals, we offer our services to the investors, developers and to the construction companies concerning the flat and industry building.


The Comapny Light design, Ltd. was founded in February 2008. The strategy of company development consists in the high working commitment and personal interest of each employee. The employees are ready to contribute to the satisfaction of the clients using their knowledge and know-how throughout the many years of personal experiences in this business field.



The filosophy of our company in following priorities:

  • unconditional compliance of high quality products and services with the final work
  • continuously search for the needs and wishes of our clients
  • accomplishing always the requests of the clients
  • establish and maintain the long-period relationships with our clients
  • negotiate with high flexibility rate with our partners
  • score the success of our company based on the tradition and permanent prosperity
  • provide the highest complexity of our services from very first consulting untill the whole project realisation
  • guarantee of precise work of each employee
  • maximize the work performed by own high qualified employeers
  • develop and extend the system of quality


The aim of our work is satisfaction of demanding needs of investors, developers or individuals. Therefore, we provide quality products included the high service and sub-services. In order to follow our priorities, we do choose only reliable partners, who help us to fulfill our priorities. As evidence of this fact is still growing the rate of positive references, but at most the rate of satisfied clients and partners, what strenghtens us in our commitment to carry on with high professional exercise of our business.


Among the very important part of our services is the cooperation with the architects, projection offices designing companies and the continuos development of these relationships on professional level.


At present, the company Light design, Ltd. is focusing on the maintenance and strengthing its position in the market of this particular orientation such as lighting techniques for civil engineering (building industries). At the same time, our priority is establishing professional relationships towards the clients, enhancing the satisfaction of the business partners, supporting the quality of our services, products of word wide known brands with the concern on the environment protection.


We believe that our quality products and complexity of services provided will be the reason of using our skills.


We are looking forward to future co-operation.



Your Light design, Ltd.




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